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What factors affect the performance of fabric materials

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-19
  In our daily life, we will observe the embarrassing conditions of clothing such as tearing and pilling. So, how to avoid these serious consequences? Usually factories will use textile instruments to make a rough estimate of the original properties of fabric materials before production, so that these serious consequences can be effectively avoided. In addition, what other factors will affect the fabric material? You can have a deeper understanding of the fabric through the following fragments.  Although the fabric materials are all made of filaments, due to the different texture of the fabric, the degree of entanglement is different and a big change occurs. Generally, tighter fabrics have greater binding force and at the same time produce greater friction, which makes the fabrics have better resistance to hooking. On the contrary, the fabric is easily caught and pulled away from the surface of the fabric, resulting in poor hook resistance.  At the same time, the elongation and elasticity of the material will also affect the hook resistance of the fabric. When the fabric is caught by an external sharp object, the elastic deformation of the fiber or yarn with better elasticity will help to reduce the external effect. After the external force is eliminated, due to the recovery of elastic deformation, the shackle returns to the original position of weaving to reduce the shackle. On the contrary, it will aggravate external effects.
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