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What is a lithium battery, the lithium battery testing equipment is briefly

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-14
“ Lithium battery & throughout; Is a kind of lithium metal or lithium battery production process, in view of the lithium battery safety performance test is also more and more important. So choose lithium battery safety performance test equipment is also more and more important. For lithium ion battery safety performance evaluation indicators, industry rules on the very strict standards, a qualified lithium-ion batteries on the safety performance should meet the prescribed standards, the following is a brief introduction: ( 1) Short circuit: no fire, no explosion ( 2) Hot box test: no fire, no explosion ( 150 ℃ temperature 10 min) ( 3) Needle thorn: no explosion ( With 3 mm Ф penetrate cells) ( 4) Flat: no fire, no explosion ( 10 kg weight since the 1 m high at the battery) ( 5) Burn: no explosion ( The gas flame barbecue battery) Here recommend you some commonly used lithium battery testing equipment: 1. Lithium battery short circuit testing machine in the circuit design of the short circuit devices also should be able to withstand the impact of high current, choose the industrial-grade dc electromagnetic contactor and copper wiring terminal and internal copper diversion, generous COINS, effectively increase the cooling effect of the large current short circuit devices are safer and reduce the wastage of the testing equipment, to ensure the accuracy of the test data. Test results with no leak, no fire, no explosion as qualified. 2. Lithium battery tester is suitable for all kinds of battery acupuncture, acupuncture to simulate all kinds of batteries in the packaging, transport, storage, use and deal with domestic waste by a needle or other sharp objects in the process of piercing or puncture. Batteries to be tested with no explosion, not as a qualified fire. 3. Lithium battery weight impact tester & lt; 跨度的字体, 尺寸:14 px; 背景: color:#ffffff; ” = ' ” > Suitable for cell ( Or battery pack) Under different quality of heavy objects from different heights through free-fall impact on batteries, lead to destructive test of battery internal short circuit, through the observation period is used to assess the safety of the battery performance test results. Battery should be qualified for no fire, no explosion. 4. Lithium battery burning tester will screen fixed from the above 38 at the top of the burner. 1 mm, screen every 25. There are 20 perforation, 4 mm steel wire diameter 0. 43毫米; Ignite the burner, at the same time to look at the battery combustion condition, until battery explosion or burned; And the combustion process in time. The above for the jester testing equipment for lithium battery testing equipment briefly. Let you in the production of lithium-ion batteries at the same time, also have knowledge of lithium battery safety performance testing equipment. The jester testing equipment can provide you with comprehensive lithium battery safety performance testing equipment, if you have needs, can contact directly.
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