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What Is Button Pull Test in Textile ?

What Is Button Pull Test in Textile ?


Button pull test is an important test for textile materials. It is an important quality control test used to ensure the strength of the button and its attachment to the fabric.

Snap button pull test is employed to work out the pulling strength of any sort of button and snaps utilized in garments. it's also wont to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong ring attached snap fasteners onto garments to make sure the button fixed on the clothes product properly. Test fastness degree of button reach relative security standard or not.

Button Pull Test Procedure

Snap button pull tester is a portable tensile tester to do vertical tensile test. 

Method 1: Amount the sample with ornament in lower grip and choose the suitable upper grips to fix on the force gauge. Clamp the ornament and apply certain force to pull test the ornament for certain time, and then to check if the ornament is off or damaged or not. Once the sample is loaded into the machine, the button pull test should begin. The button should be pulled with a steady, even force, and the force should be gradually increased until the button breaks. The force at which the button breaks is the measure of the button’s strength.

GESTER button pull test machine is an effective tool to help manufacturers to check whether various attachments of the final products are firmly fastened and reach the specified requirements. Have CE ISO 9001 certificate, Provide professional standard testing solution.

Snap Button Pull Test Machine Standards: 16 CFR 1500.51-53, ASTM PS79-96, D4846

The snap button pull test machine is an important quality control procedure for manufacturers of clothing and other fabric products. It is a simple yet effective way to test the strength of the buttons used in production and to ensure that the buttons are securely attached to the fabric. It is also a great way to detect any potential defects in a button before the product is sent to the customer.

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