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What types of textile equipment?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-25
Textile instruments are commonly used testing instruments in the textile industry. The main function of textile instruments is to test the quality of textiles, especially under the premise that the market management and standards of the textile industry are more standardized and strict, and my country’s textile industry exports a large number of international markets. Wait, there are clear regulations and requirements for the quality and compliance of textiles, so what types of textile instruments are used? Fibers: fiber trash analyzer, fiber length analyzer, fiber friction coefficient tester, single fiber strength function, etc. Yarn category: yarn length measuring machine, single yarn strength tester, yarn twist tester, noodle, roving, spun yarn evenness tester, etc. Fabric tired: fabric strength tester, fabric thickness tester, color fastness tester for rubbing, perspiration, washing, etc. 1. Instruments for testing the physical, mechanical and technological properties of textile fibers, yarns and textiles Textile testing instruments are a means of textile production development, from simple testing tools to manual mechanical testing instruments, and then to electromechanical integration Modern testing equipment. In the Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, China used human senses to assess the quality of silk fabrics and also used five-color pheasant feathers as the color standard for dyeing fabrics. Starting from the Zhou Dynasty, the length and width of fabrics were measured with a ruler, and public standards were drawn up. With the development of textile technology, special instruments are required to inspect products to ensure stable product quality. Since the 20th century, textile enterprises have used manual and mechanical instruments to test semi-finished products and finished products. On the one hand, they check the quality, and on the other hand, they have become a tool to control the normalization and standardization of textile production. After the emergence of chemical fibers, more test items and instruments are required to reflect the quality and characteristics of the products. With the rapid development of modern electronic technology and computer technology, some modern textile instruments adopt direct digital display, and some are equipped with a micro-processing computing system to directly print out the average number and discreteness of test results, which improves test efficiency and reduces Human error. There are many types of textile testing equipment, including mechanical property testing equipment, appearance quality testing equipment, fabric style testing equipment, physical property testing equipment and process property testing equipment.     1. Mechanical property testing equipment    tests various properties of textile materials under mechanical external force, including tensile property testing equipment and wear resistance testing equipment. There are three types of tensile properties testing instruments:   ① Constant rate elongation type (CRE): The deformation rate per unit time of the sample remains constant during the tensile process;   ② Constant load type (CRL): When the sample is stretched The load increase rate is basically constant;   ③ Constant velocity traction type (CRT): When the sample is pulled by the lower clamp, the upper clamp has an irregular displacement according to the stress-strain characteristics of the material. The constant velocity traction type instrument appeared early and widely used, belonging to the mechanical type, often called the pendulum powerful machine. Using appropriate fixtures and automatic recording devices, multiple tensile properties can be tested. However, because the inertia of the pendulum and the strain rate per unit time vary with the stress-strain characteristics of the material, the accuracy of the instrument is low and the comparability is poor. The representative of the equal load type instrument is the inclined plane strength machine, which can be used to measure the tensile properties of fibers and yarns. Among them, the electromechanical inclined plane strength machine can continuously and automatically stretch 10 bobbins according to the specified number of tests and exchange bobbins. At the same time, it can also draw graphs of breaking strength and breaking elongation. The instrument is equipped with a data processing system, which can directly print out the test results. At the end of the 1970s, a constant-speed elongation electronic full-automatic single-yarn strength tester was developed, which uses strain-type sensors to measure force, with high accuracy and automation, low inertia and full functions. According to the different capacity, it can be divided into general type and special type. The universal instrument can measure various tensile properties, elasticity and compressibility of fibers, yarns and fabrics by changing sensors of different capacities. If equipped with appropriate accessories, shear, bending and friction performance tests can also be carried out. This kind of instrument is sometimes called a universal strength tester, which can digitally display, automatically process data, and print out test results. Some models of instruments are also attached with high and low temperature test devices.
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