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Application and characteristics of electronic fabric strength machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-17
Changzhou First Textile Equipment Co., Ltd., a high-tech intensive enterprise specializing in the development, research, production, promotion and service of textile quality testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testing equipment, is one of the major domestic textile equipment manufacturing companies. The company’s main products include yarn testing equipment, fabric testing equipment, fiber testing equipment, printing and dyeing testing equipment, general testing equipment, dyeing and finishing machinery and other series of products. The following will bring you the application and characteristics of the electronic fabric power machine Introduction, let's take a look!     1. Application:      is used for stretching, tearing, peeling, bursting and other tests of various materials. 2. Features:     a. It is used not only for fabric testing (standard configuration), but also for optional yarns with larger stretching space (optional configuration)     b. Using CRE measurement mechanism, microcomputer control, large-screen LCD display, Automatic data processing c. Can be connected to a computer to achieve more analysis functions, real-time display of test curves, breaking force, elongation, yield stress, elongation at yield, breaking force, initial modulus, CV value, etc.    D. The test report can be printed out     e. The two load ranges of a machine can meet different test requirements and ensure accuracy     f. Various fixtures can choose to perform different test standards
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