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Application of High-tech in Textile Inspection

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-20
In order to ensure that the textiles will be sold quickly, some testing is required before the official factory leaves the factory. This is to ensure that the specific parameters meet the relevant regulations. With the development of technology, some high-tech applications in the textile industry have In order to improve the overall inspection effect,    textile inspection technology:   1, the powerful machine manufacturer introduces the application of infrared spectroscopy in the identification of textile fibers. The information of all frequencies in the spectrum can be collected at the same time, and the entire spectrum can be scanned nearly a thousand times in one minute, thus greatly improving the sensitivity and work efficiency. Through the analysis of the infrared spectrogram of a large number of textile fibers, their infrared spectroscopic characteristics can be grasped, and quantitative analysis of the proportion of blended fabrics can be achieved.  2. The application of laser detection in textiles. Among the radiation sources used in photoelectric detection devices, lasers have a particularly important position. The light-emitting principle of laser is completely different from ordinary light source, which breaks through the limitations of ordinary light source fundamentally, and has excellent characteristics different from ordinary light source. Laser detection is an important aspect of laser applications in the textile industry. It can be used to inspect fabrics, inspect fabric pilling, hairiness and roughness, inspect fabric weft, measure yarn diameter, unevenness, yarn defects and fiber properties, control printing and dyeing, inspect clothing, etc.   3. Power machine manufacturers introduce the application of image processing technology in textiles. On the one hand, it is used in textile testing technology and textile instrument development. Image information processing technology has a wide range of applications in textile inspection technology. On the other hand, it is used in fabric simulation CAD system to develop new products using fabric simulation simulation technology.
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