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Cases where testing instrument for checking

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-14
Cases where testing instrument for checking equipment testing instruments used in equipment integrated test of whole, used as the basis of quality improvement. 1, luggage rod tester purchasing for luggage rod for reciprocating fatigue test. In the test specimen will be stretched to test rod of gap, loose, connecting rod failure, deformation, etc. 2, luggage testing instrument for luggage, travel bag, wheels, wheel axle moving test, to test the wheel material wear resistance and the overall structure of the box with and without damage and deformation, the result of the test, can be reference for improvement. 3, imitation of luggage bags fall testing machine and other packing boxes in the course of carriage, drop, impact, and the rolling damage test, for the suitcase and the protection ability of the packed commodities inspection, as the basis of product improvements. 4, test zipper zipper testing machine in under the action of horizontal and vertical Zhang Lizhi, withstand the prescribed number of reciprocating driving operation, test the machine with constant speed drive the zipper pull head, when do 30 times per minute reciprocating motion, to the number of rules. 5, bag drop hammer impact test machine is suitable for forming bags material such as the degree of impact resistance test, the impact of this instrument by weight head, adjust to a certain height, make free fall, hit the sample, depending on the degree of damage. 6, luggage testing instrument can also be used for leather, cloth, coating, paper, floor tile, plywood, glass, natural like rubber abrasion test. Slice the specimen, method for using the standard cutter with the type of grinding wheel, and the weight of the load must be to wear, to take out after the revolutions of specimen, observe the condition of the specimen or compare the weight of the specimens before and after the test.
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