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Classification of CO2 incubator

Classification of CO2 incubator


The carbon dioxide incubator simulates the growth environment of cells/tissues in the organism by simulating the incubator. The incubator requires a stable temperature (37°C), a stable CO2 level (5%), and a constant pH (pH Value: 7.2-7.4), high relative saturation humidity (95%), a device for in vitro cell/tissue culture, an advanced instrument for cell, tissue, and bacterial culture, and is used to develop immunology and tumor Key equipment necessary for science, genetics and bioengineering. It is widely used in the research and production of microbiology, medicine, pharmacy, environmental protection, food, animal husbandry and other scientific fields.


CO2 incubator classification


According to the heating system of the CO2 incubator, the CO2 incubator can be divided into a Water Jacketed Co2 Incubator and an Air Jacketed Co2 Incubator.


The temperature of the water-jacketed carbon dioxide incubator is maintained by an independent water jacket surrounding the inner box to maintain a constant temperature. The water in the water jacket is heated by an electric heating wire, and then the temperature change is detected by the temperature sensor in the box. The temperature inside is constant at the set temperature. Due to the high specific heat capacity of water, the advantage of the water jacket type is to help uniform heat dissipation and avoid the formation of cold areas, and it can better slow down the temperature drop in the incubator after the power is off. The water jacket type is surrounded by water, so the temperature uniformity is very good.

The heating of the air-jacketed carbon dioxide incubator is to directly heat the inner box through the heaters all over the air jacket layer of the box, which is also called six-sided direct heating. The heat insulation system and surface heat dissipation elements are used to balance the temperature in the incubator . Compared with the water jacket type, the air jacket type has the characteristics of faster heating and faster temperature recovery than the water jacket type incubator, which is especially beneficial for short-term cultivation and cultivation that requires frequent opening and closing of the door. The temperature inside the box is generally set at about 37°C. In addition, the air-jacketed design is simpler than the water-jacketed design, and there is no need to add water, empty, and clean.

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