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color fastness to washing factories qualified for exports
An Export license, or Export permit, is a document issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of the People's Republic of China. Exporting goods out of China requires an export license. Without such a permit, the goods will not be cleared by Chinese customs. As a result, most export-oriented suppliers of color fastness to washing , including manufacturers and trading companies, hold export licenses. So far, some manufacturers lack export licenses. Yet these tend to be smaller manufacturers and are not directly exposed to other markets.

After years of engaging in the manufacturing of fabric testing standards, GESTER International Co.,Limited is well-known as a competent enterprise in China. GESTER's Shoes lining seepage testing equipment series contains multiple sub-products. GESTER Lower Temperature Flexing Tester is precisely and strictly under monitor by our production team and third-party inspection institutions from product design to the finished product, so as to prevent any electrical leakage problems. It is widely used by Apple, IKEA, and other famous companies. The product can emit light of an intended color without using any color filters as traditional lighting methods need, which is more efficient and can lower energy costs. High impact resistance is the special property of the product.

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