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Congratulations and at jiangxi feng successful cooperation

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-20
Recently, jester company signed a contract with at jiangxi feng, a close cooperative relations, congratulations on the successful cooperation between the two companies, thank you very much at jiangxi feng company's trust and support! We will wholeheartedly to do a good job of service. Jiangxi Jiangxi feng battery technology Co. , Ltd for overall Ganfeng Lithium Co. , ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangxi feng LiYe in 2010 in shenzhen stock exchange ( Code: 002460) In 2018, the Hong Kong stock exchange ( Code: 1772) , jiangxi feng LiYe for the world's third largest and China's zui big maker of lithium compounds and global zui large metallic lithium producers. Jiangxi jiangxi feng battery technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2011, professional engaged in a new type of lithium ion battery research and development, production and business, main products are lithium iron phosphate batteries, power battery, battery management system, energy storage battery pack and electric energy storage system and so on, for the jiangxi province key high and new technology enterprise, science for a number of invention patents and award certificate. Jiangxi jiangxi feng the ordered jester programmable high and low temperature test chamber, programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, high temperature circulating explosion-proof test cases such as many sets of environmental testing equipment. This batch of equipment used to simulate all kinds of materials, electronic electrician semi-finished products, finished products, such as high and low temperature constant and the gradient, mutation, alternating, humid heat test environment simulation experiment using reliability test and combining with the charge and discharge cabinet can high batteries charging and discharging test at low temperature. This batch of equipment for procedures, can be divided into many control, LCD touch-screen control directly, only need to set up the experimental program, to complete test need for personnel to stay for a long time care, designed specifically for the busy laboratory staff. Has stable operation, high precision, good explosion-proof pressure ability, and simple operation, wide application, applicable to all kinds of production-oriented enterprises. Thank you again for the jiangxi jiangxi feng on the jester's trust and support, jester will continue to play a casting people spirit, relying on science and technology, excellence, continuous innovation and design to create a more sophisticated detection equipment, for the benefit of enterprise, the benefit of society. https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com / / tags: & nbsp  environmental testing equipment & NBSP high and low temperature box & NBSP constant temperature and humidity box
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