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Congratulations to shenzhen ruixiang electronics and successful cooperation

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-17
First of all, congratulations to shenzhen ruixiang electronics inc. And the jester was signed recently successful equipment sales contract, order our battery testing the whole set of laboratory equipment, in this special thanks to shenzhen fu ruixiang electronics company to our trust and support! Shenzhen fu ruixiang electronics co. , LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary, shenzhen jiuzhou investment development co. , LTD, belonging to sichuan province key state-owned enterprises & ndash; — Sichuan jiuzhou electric group co. , LTD. , was born in 1984, is China's electronic enterprises, f ruixiang is investment group, shenzhen area platform owned by EMS ( Electronics manufacturing services) The core of the industry enterprises. F ruixiang co. , LTD. Is a professional computer motherboard, video card and GPU computing equipment, industrial control IPC products, automotive electronics, new energy, set-top boxes and intelligent digital products provider and high-end electronics manufacturing service provider. Our company is specialized in battery safety testing equipment development, design, production, sales and service for twelve years, professional technology and attitude achievement of professional products, has a good reputation in the industry and a very large market share, products sold throughout the country and overseas. The f ruixiang ordering our battery test overall laboratory equipment, selection and our cooperation, is favored jester professional, believe that the jester brand and good service. And we will not be customers, for customers to create high-quality products, complete delivery to customers to use at an early date. Our company is specialized in & other; Customer satisfaction as the center, quality as the premise, create famous brand & throughout; For the purpose, the specialty is engaged in semi-automatic, automatic testing equipment, set research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of manufacturing companies. Products involved in batteries, electronics, paper, packaging, rubber, plastic, leather, shoes, furniture, textiles, wire and cable, dyeing and finishing industry, sports equipment, etc. Welcome new and old customers to our company advisory! ! Tags: & nbsp  battery test overall laboratory & NBSP battery safety testing center & NBSP battery testing equipment
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