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Congratulations to the vacuum glove box in chongqing at jinkang power success

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-31
Congratulations jester vacuum glove box in chongqing at jinkang power success. It is reported, chongqing at jinkang power new energy automobile co. , LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of well-off group, is also home to the eighth to the ministry of industry and new energy car company licence. Group, the company is committed to become the world's outstanding smart car brands, in China, America, Germany, Japan and other Throughout the four to seven &; The smart car layout of globalization. Silicon valley in the United States, the group set up SF Motors r&d center and production base, and acquired the giant American new energy automobile power system company InEVit AC Propulsion, battery system, as well as the original hummer. In chongqing, China, set up at jinkang group research and development center and production base, establish & other; Chongqing ohlendorf, global and domestic outstanding benchmarking & throughout; Digital intelligence to build factories. Chongqing at jinkang power purchase vacuum glove box is also called vacuum inert gas glove box, can make the test sample can safely put in and taken out, and in the operation of anaerobic anhydrous conditions freely, reaction and test, to ensure the normal scientific experiments. The product is in colleges and universities, scientific research units, enterprises laboratory to carry out the scientific experiment, is an ideal instrument vacuum glove box equipment widely used in biochemical, metallurgy, electronics, chemical, geological, mining, medicine and other departments. The partnership, chongqing at jinkang power initiative to find us, after repeated comparison, finally choose our company. Jester vacuum glove box can come at jinkang, new energy and our professional high-tech production technology and efficient service and dedicated spirit, believe that the two companies will be more bigger and more successful cooperation opportunities. Tags: & nbsp  vacuum glove box & NBSP vacuum inert gas chamber & NBSP vacuum glove box manufacturers
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