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Evaluation of anti-pilling and anti-snagging properties of fabrics

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-11

Evaluation of anti-pilling and anti-snagging properties of fabrics

Clothing is often subjected to external forces such as rubbing and friction during the process of wearing and washing, which makes the stressed parts easy to sand and pilling, while the filament fabric is easy to cause the fibers to be drawn out of the cloth or hooked and exposed on the surface of the fabric. The formation of hooked wire phenomenon. The pilling, pilling and hooking of the fabric not only make the appearance of the garment worse, but also significantly affect its internal quality and wearability. 

There are many factors that affect fabric pilling and crocheting, mainly including fiber properties, yarn and fabric structure, finishing and other factors. 

1. Fiber properties Natural fibers (except wool) and regenerated fibers have low strength and poor wear resistance. They are not easy to ball up even after fluffing. Therefore, the phenomenon of fluffing and pilling is slight; synthetic fibers have high strength, no curling, and poor cohesion. The elongation at break is large, coupled with good abrasion resistance, the fiber is easy to slip off the surface of the fabric, and it is not easy to fall off after forming a small ball. Therefore, the phenomenon of fuzzing and pilling is serious, especially for nylon, polyester, polypropylene and other fabrics. The elasticity of the fiber determines the resistance to snagging of the fabric. Generally, fibers with good elasticity can use their own elasticity to relax the hooking effect of external forces, and their snag resistance is good. 

2. Fiber fabrics with different fabric properties have different pilling and hooking properties. For the same fiber fabric, these properties will also be different. Analyze the reasons, the influence of fiber length, thickness, fabric structure and finishing is more obvious. Generally, fine and short fiber fabrics are easier to fuzz and pilling than thick and long fiber fabrics; tightly structured fabrics have better resistance to fuzzing and pilling and hooking resistance than loose fabrics; fabrics with shorter floating points of the fabric are longer than those with longer floating lines. The fabric has good anti-pilling and anti-hooking properties. Post-finishing processing can improve the phenomenon of pilling and crocheting. Woven fabrics have better crochet resistance than knitted fabrics. Plain weave fabrics have better pilling and crochet resistance than twill and satin weaves. Short fiber fabrics are better than filament fabrics. Resistant to snagging. 

3. Testing method The anti-pilling and anti-hooking properties of fabrics or garments are usually evaluated by the method of comparing standard sample photos. The evaluation method can be tested by a sample worn for a certain period of time or by a pilling instrument. The sample is compared with the original sample, generally divided into 5 levels, 5 is the best, basically no fuzzing and pilling, and 1 is the worst, with serious fuzzing and pilling. The evaluation method of fabric hooking is similar to that of pilling. It is graded by comparison between the actual object and the standard sample. It is divided into 5 grades, the 5 grade is the best, and the 1 grade is the worst.

1. Pilling Box ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester GT-C18

2. Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester GT-C13B

3. ASTM D3939 Fabric ICI Mace Snag Tester GT-C17

4. 4 Test chambers Random Tumble Pilling Tester GT-C19B

5. Fabric Surface Fuzzing and Pilling Tester GT-C16

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