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Experimental operation method of leakage tracking tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-29
The tracking tester is to apply a certain voltage between platinum electrodes of a specified size (2mm×5mm) on the surface of a solid insulating material and drop a specified droplet volume of contaminated liquid (30s) at a specified height (35mm). 0.1% NH 4 CL), used to evaluate the resistance of the solid insulating material surface under the combined action of electric field and polluting medium, and determine its comparative tracking index (CT1) and tracking resistance index (PT1). It is suitable for the research, production and quality inspection departments of lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, household appliances, machine tool electrical appliances, motors, power tools, electronic instruments, electrical instruments, and information technology equipment. It is also suitable for insulating materials, engineering plastics, electrical connectors, The main performance characteristics of the equipment: 1. The imported solenoid valve is used to control the droplet, which can accurately control the size of the droplet without adjustment! 2. The machine has a drainage function, which is convenient for emptying the air in the pipeline before the experiment! 3. Use a precision leakage current meter to quickly determine the leakage current of the product (to ensure the accuracy of the CTI index)! 4. The height of the sample table can be precisely adjusted, the front and rear, left and right positions of the two electrodes can be precisely adjusted to facilitate the test (completely refer to the TESTING fixture to improve, easy to use) 5. The lighting fixtures use standard explosion-proof lamps, which meet the safety standards. 6. The positive field seal is adopted. The exhaust fan ensures that the cabinet is sealed. And the exhaust effect is strong! 7. The cabinet adopts 1.2mm mirror stainless steel cabinet, which is beautiful and generous! 8. The product accessories include a precision electronic scale to verify the force of the electrode tip on the sample! 9. The product adopts well-known brands such as Omron relay, YOTO timer, and Merlin Gerin leakage protector to ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment! This article focuses on the experimental operation methods of the tracking tester: 1. Comparing tracking index (CTI): the highest voltage value of five test samples that can withstand 50 drops of the test process without causing tracking failure and continuous flame . It also includes a description of the characteristics of the material when it is tested for 100 drops. 2. Leakage Tracking Index (PTI): The test voltage value of five test samples that can withstand 50 drops of test without causing tracking failure and continuous flame. 3. In layman's terms, CTI is the highest voltage at which a material can withstand a 50-drop test process without causing tracking failure; PTI is to specify a test voltage, and then through a test to verify whether the material can withstand the 50-drop test at this voltage process. 4. The tracking resistance index is used as an acceptance criterion, and it can also be used as a means of quality control of materials and components. The comparative tracking index is mainly used to express the basic characteristics and comparison of characteristics of materials. 5. Evaluate the ability of solid electrical insulating materials to withstand wet surface discharge by applying the test voltage and the depth of electrical corrosion. Measure its comparative tracking index CTI and tracking resistance index PTI. More about leakage tracking tester: http://www.standard-groups.com/FlammabilityTesting/994.html
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