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Introduction to the correct way of using the high and low temperature test chamber

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-04
High and low temperature test chamber ready for use when on high and low temperature test chamber environmental test carried out, should know the product features, testing standard/code and tests need to test technology, technical characteristics of commonly used test equipment, and machinery and equipment structure, especially the actual operation and features of the control panel. Read the test equipment operational guidelines, in order to prevent due to the actual operation is not correct by test equipment caused by the abnormal operation test try destruction and incorrect data of the test. Effective selection of high and low temperature test chamber experiment equipment in order to ensure the normal development of the experiment and should be based on the experimental condition of goods is not the same as choose suitable experimental equipment, and make reasonable capacity of the specimen and environmental test chamber proportion are effectively maintained. For heating experiment of the specimens, and its volume shall not exceed one over ten of the laboratory reasonable volume. For the heating specimens, and its volume is beyond reasonable environment chamber volume of one 5. When 21 inches television, for example, has carried out the temperature storage test, it can pick up the cube size to meet the requirements of testing room, but when it connect power, it can not conform to the requirements, and shall be moved around more testing room, because the TV time hot at work. Test try correctly placed high and low temperature test chamber environmental test chamber wall specimen placed spacing should be more than 10 cm, several specimens should be placed as far as possible the sample (s) on the same floor plan placed shall not block the vent and back to port, and should be a temperature and temperature sensors embedded certain spacing. In order to ensure the correct test temperature. High and low temperature test chamber is used in the dry bulb temperature of sand cloth ( Dry bulb temperature of paper) Have certain rules, can't be replaced with all sand cloth, because the humidity of the air from reading value is a root, namely the error of the temperature and environmental humidity, is closely related to the local atmospheric pressure and wind. Humidity marked with sand cloth into water flow and surface evaporation. All this is associated with the quality of the sand cloth immediately. Dry bulb temperature yarn is made by linen weave unique & other; Dry bulb temperature yarn & throughout; Made of. In order to prevent moisture meter ( Environmental humidity) Is flawed, dry bulb temperature sand cloth should be placed on the sand cloth length is 100 mm, tightly wound in sensor cameras surrounding, 20 - camera spacing environment humidity cup 30 mm, sand and glass cloth into the environment humidity, to ensure the accuracy of the machine manipulation and environmental humidity. High and low temperature test chamber experiments need to add water right, water environmental test chamber of resistivity should be not less than 500 & omega; Tap water resistivity should be 10 - 100ω Resistivity, vapor distilled water should be 100 - 10000ω To is ionized water resistivity should be 10000 - 100000ω 。 So, experiment of cold dampness should use pure water or dual steaming water, talk about water should be used, because the water and gas easily by carbon dioxide and after touching the dust pollution of the environment, water have dissolved the characteristics of various chemicals, after long-term resistance will be reduced. Sales on the market with economic development, as well as a convenient mineral water. Its resistance equal to pure water. The interpretation of the above is the correct way of using the high and low temperature test chamber, the hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of high and low temperature test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  high and low temperature test chamber
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