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Is GESTER a trading company or a factory?
In order to create maximum value for our customers, GESTER International Co.,Limited takes into account all the factors in the production and pricing of carpet thickness tester and gives the best benefit to customers. It is very easy to source and import products from China today. However, it is always difficult for commercial importers to find suppliers with good prices and quality, especially when they want a factory or trading company. You can get discounted prices and efficient production from us.

GESTER has been thought of a highly reliable Chinese manufacturer, as we provide the highest quality Safety Glove & Shoe Upper Cutting Tester in the industry. GESTER's Leather Testing Equipment series contains multiple sub-products. Its thick coated insulation materials are carefully designed to enable GESTER shrinkage tester to stave off the magnetization which easily leads to the electric fire and electric leakage. It conforms to the standards of EN, ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS, etc. linear abrasion tester has the various excellent characteristics, which is increasingly and widely applied to the domestic rotary abrasion tester industry. It can withstand the corrosion of acid, alkali, and other chemical substances.

The value of our company would be to supply each supplier with high quality textile testing standards. Get quote!
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