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Mobile Internet provides a good opportunity for the luggage tester industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-12
Abstract: After the mobile Internet has brought great changes to our lifestyles, it has also changed the way the company operates. Human society has entered the era of knowledge economy and the rapid development of information technology. And measurement control technology has been increasingly widely used, which provides a good opportunity for the rapid development of the industry.   After ten years of construction and development, the luggage tester industry has maintained a trend of high economic operation for many consecutive years. Even when the world is affected by the financial turmoil, the economy of each industry has slowed down, but from the perspective of the development of the panorama, the growth rate of this industry has not slowed down. The rapid development of the luggage tester industry is firstly due to the rapid and stable development of the country’s economy. With reference to past experience, if the GDP growth is more than 10%, the growth rate of the instrumentation industry will be 2%. Between 16 and 30 percent. Secondly, because the country’s macro-control has a lagging period in its impact on the instrumentation industry, instruments are often delivered in the later stages of the project, so the reduced investment due to macro-control policies will not have a great impact on the industry. .  As the consumption potential of mobile phones and computers continues to emerge, the frequency and share of consumers using mobile phones are also increasing year by year. After the commercial value that has always been hidden by the mobile Internet began to be more unearthed, platforms for various traditional industries like the 'Chinese Instrument and Meter' have also been born one after another.   With the explosive growth of the mobile Internet in recent years, it has gradually replaced e-commerce and has become a particularly fast-growing field in the entire Internet industry, and the entrance of mobile terminals will soon become a battleground in the traditional industry. It is imperative for the luggage tester industry to enter the mobile Internet to achieve online development.  Related Reading: Problems Existing in the Development of Bag Tester
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