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my country's luggage tester needs to realize the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry chain

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-02
In the fierce market competition, luggage tester companies are likely to face a major reshuffle. In this field, some major high-end equipment has always been dependent on imports. The inability to master core component technology is one of the difficulties in industrial upgrading.   For a long time, my country has a large gap with developed countries in terms of new luggage testers, and many products have relatively low added value. Experts said that it is urgent for the country to issue and implement relevant policies and regulations to fundamentally reverse this situation. The core is to encourage and support national enterprises to master the core cutting-edge technology through technological innovation, thus starting the process of globalization. With the launch of the National 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Tester Technology IndustryStatus.   At present, the domestic demand for high-end equipment is showing a trend of saturation, and the demand for high-end luggage testers has begun to slow down. In this context, the rural market has become a potential market that multinational companies are trying to compete for. In order to consolidate and expand their market share in the Chinese market, multinational companies are actively engaged in cooperation with Chinese companies and localized Ru0026D. End market penetration. In the past five years, the number of luggage agencies nationwide has grown steadily, and this trend has a certain degree of stability. In the next few years, it will bring a large amount of infrastructure investment. Luggage testers and appliances will be part of the infrastructure. Will benefit from the advantages of the expansion of the entire industry, and production companies will also benefit significantly.  Analyzed by relevant industry insiders, my country's luggage tester industry will develop in the direction of higher technology and become more intelligent. The industry should accurately grasp the current characteristics of industry competition, conform to the development trend of the global market, cultivate local leading enterprises to check and balance and monopolize, change the production pattern as soon as possible, and aim at a potential direction of product development, so as to realize the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry chain .
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