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Overview of the electronic powerful machine and instrument characteristics

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-17
The electronic strength machine is widely used in the textile, printing and dyeing, and clothing industries to break strength (strip method, grab sample method), elongation at break, tear (single tongue, double tongue, trapezoid) strength, marble burst strength and elastic materials Repeated stretching (elastic deformation rate, recovery rate, plastic deformation,), constant elongation, constant load, degree of disengagement of garment seam, seam slip, knitwear tuck seam strength and sewing thread, single yarn strength Detection. It can also be used to test the strength and elongation of zippers, metals, paper, non-woven fabrics, wires, and leather. Instrument features: ●The two-way control technology of the upper computer and the lower computer makes the test convenient and quick, and the test result is rich. It can export the EXCEL document BMP graph to facilitate the user to analyze the data. ●Full Chinese menu operation, large-screen LCD display all parameters and data. ●Imported servo drive and motor vector control, with short response time. ●High-precision imported encoder makes the position control more free from missing codes. ●High-quality precision roller or universal threaded screw. ●The data sampling frequency is greater than 1000Hz, and the measurement is more accurate. ●Various printing reports and stretching curve output functions. ●The parameters can be edited by themselves, the position can be controlled freely, and the zero position can be set freely. ●Up to seven software and hardware safety protection measures. ●Digital force value correction function. ●The modular design of JIGAO TEST software runs stably and reliably, which is convenient for upgrading.
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