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Summary of textile pilling test methods

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-20
1. Test standards: GB/T 4802ASTM D2511/D3512/D3514/D4970ISO 12945 summarizes these standards, the measurement of fabric pilling performance consists of four test methods, namely random tumbling method, circular path method, and modified Martindale Method, pilling box method. 2. Testing equipment: 1. Random rolling method: Random rolling pilling tester (refer to Gellowen Random rolling pilling tester-Standard Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd.) 2. Circular trajectory method: Round trajectory pilling tester (refer to Gelowen Circular track pilling instrument-Standard Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd. 3. Modified Martindale method: Martindale fabric abrasion resistance tester (refer to Gellowen Martindale Abrasion Tester-Standard Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd.) 4 , Pilling box method: Pilling box (refer to ICI Roller Box Pilling and Hook Wire Tester-Standard Group Hong Kong Co., Ltd.) 3. Method of evaluating pilling: 1. Counting method: Calculate the pilling in the specified area The number of balls. 2. Weighing method: Weigh the weight of the wool ball on and off the fabric. 3. Comparison method of sample photos and original test samples: compare the pilling fabric with the original samples or pilling standard samples that have not participated in the test, and determine the degree of pilling of the sample. The degree of pilling is divided into five levels from 'severe pilling' to 'no pilling'. The smaller the level number, the more serious the pilling. 4. Coordinate representation: The ordinate represents the number of pillings, and the abscissa represents the pilling curve of friction time to analyze the degree of pilling and the rate of pilling formation and shedding. Different test instruments and test methods will have different evaluation results for the determination of pilling. Textile companies should adopt corresponding test methods according to customer requirements.
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