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Ultraviolet aging tester when using the matters needing attention and maintenance?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-13
Ultraviolet aging tester instructions: uv accelerated weathering tester can reappear the damage produced by sunshine, rain and dew. Equipment through the material under test exposure on through interactive loop control of sunlight and moisture, at the same time raise the temperature of ways to experiment. Equipment use uv fluorescent simulated sunlight, at the same time can also be simulated by means of condensation or spray moisture influence. Scientific research and in the fields of aviation, automobile, home appliance, the necessary test equipment, applicable to a variety of industrial product performance reliability test, widely used in school, factories, military industry and other units. Ultraviolet aging tester is applicable to non-metallic materials resistant to sunlight and artificial light aging test. In everyday use, for the sake of safety, pay attention to the following points: 1, after stop using for a long time, if you need to use again, must be carefully check each component of a water supply, power supply and determine the correct boot device. 2, trials should minimize the time the door is open. 3, work indoor sensing device, do not suffer from strong impact. 4, equipment operation process, be sure to keep enough water. 5, ultraviolet aging test box part-time operator, shall not be arbitrarily. 6, equipment malfunction cannot be yourself, please contact the manufacturer. 7, as ultraviolet radiation to personnel ( Especially the eyes) Have a strong sense of harm, so the operator should try to reduce exposure to ultraviolet radiation ( The contact time should be < 1 min) 。 Suggest operators equipped with protective goggles and sheath. In addition, in order to make the equipment work better, keep a good state for a long time, make Suggestions to cope with the regular maintenance and maintenance: 1, the equipment in non-working condition, should maintain its dry, water will be run after the discharge, dry the studio and the box body. 2, after use, the plastic cover to cover, avoid dust intrusion. If there are any dust, should be cleared.
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