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What are the factors that affect the shrinkage rate of textiles

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-05
Measuring shrinkage rate is one of the common testing methods for textile testing, but practice has proved that the shrinkage rate of textiles is affected by many factors. Therefore, understanding the factors that affect the shrinkage rate of textiles is of positive significance to the scientificity and accuracy of the measurement of shrinkage rate.  Technical engineers said that the common factors that affect the shrinkage of textiles are:   1, fiber composition. Compared with synthetic fibers (such as polyester and acrylic), natural plant fibers (such as cotton, hemp) and plant regenerated fibers (such as viscose) are easy to absorb moisture and expand, so the shrinkage rate is larger, while wool is due to the scale structure on the fiber surface It is easy to felt and affects its dimensional stability.  2. Production process: As the fabric is inevitably stretched by the machine during the process of dyeing, printing, and finishing, there is tension on the fabric. However, the tension of the fabric is easily released when it meets water, so we will find that the fabric shrinks after washing. In the actual process, we generally use pre-shrinking to solve this problem.   3. Fabric structure. In general, the dimensional stability of woven fabrics is better than that of knitted fabrics; the dimensional stability of high-density fabrics is better than that of low-density fabrics. In woven fabrics, the shrinkage rate of plain weave fabrics is generally lower than that of flannel fabrics; while in knitted fabrics, the shrinkage rate of plain stitches is lower than that of ribbed fabrics.   4. Washing care process. Washing care includes washing, drying, and ironing. Each of these three steps will affect the shrinkage of the fabric. For example, the dimensional stability of hand-washed samples is better than that of machine-washed samples, and the washing temperature will also affect its dimensional stability. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature of the drying oven, the worse the stability. The drying method of the sample has a relatively large impact on the shrinkage of the fabric. Article Source:
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