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What aspects of textile testing will the testing agency use textile instruments to test?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-02
  When you wear clothes, you want it to feel good on your skin, and you don’t want it to contain harmful substances. But how to ensure the safety of textiles? Textile companies and consumer agencies will use textile instruments to conduct a variety of analyses to ensure that our clothes and the fabrics we use in our homes will not cause us harm, are comfortable and can maintain bright colors for a long time. These processes are called Textile testing.  Because there are many textile testing methods, some of them are physical tests, in which the feel and appearance of textile material samples should be carefully checked. Such tests are performed on single fibers or multiple strands of material and on yarns, which are made by twisting several fibers together. Textiles are also affected by light and other factors to see how they react.  Mechanical testing refers to tests that usually apply different pressures and pressures to textiles in a special testing machine. These include tests to measure the breaking strength, which is the force required to break the fabric under tension. Such a test can ensure that the fabric is strong enough to maintain its integrity even under great pressure. Other tests evaluate the tear strength, or the strength needed to make an existing tear or tear worse. And the abrasion test determines how quickly the fabric wears out when it rubs the other side.
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