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What business opportunities exist in the textile machinery market?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-17
The textile instrument and machinery market has been extremely hot in the past few years, which is mainly due to the country's new policy support and macroeconomic reasons. In 2015, the market situation has gradually slowed down. It must be treated with a sensible and peaceful attitude, and important business opportunities may be discovered. Chemical fiber equipment: still hot, orders for equipment produced by chemical fiber companies have been scheduled to 2016 or even 2017. Cotton resources are in short supply, chemical fiber has become a substitute, and there is a lot of room for development. In the future, the chemical fiber industry needs to be improved no longer in scale, but in varieties, and technologically develop new varieties. This requires that chemical fiber equipment be updated and upgraded, and investment in technological innovation should be increased, so that the booming market will last forever. Knitting machinery: technology enhances competitiveness    knitting machinery has become the second best-selling textile machinery list, mainly due to the short knitting process and low production cost, and it has strong competitiveness in today's society where time and money are important. In August last year, market changes and lower consumer belief index caused many orders to flow to powerful large enterprises, which will concentrate knitting production and stimulate enterprises' demand for equipment. Printing and dyeing machinery: technical shortcomings restrict demand    the country's mandatory index requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction are becoming stricter, making the entry barriers for the printing and dyeing industry very high. Printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers are increasing technical input, focusing on improving equipment water consumption and wastewater treatment. Therefore, printing and dyeing machinery is different from chemical fiber equipment and knitting equipment. They should pay more attention to the national energy-saving and environmental protection index requirements and improve technological innovation.  Technology is always the primary productive force. The textile industry should increase technological investment, keep up with the trend of technological progress, deepen scientific research and innovation, and drive innovation to win the initiative in the development of textile equipment.
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