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What companies are producing bursting strength tester ?
There are increasing number of manufacturers producing it as the demand of bursting strength tester increases from the overseas market. Here GESTER International Co.,Limited is recommended. It is a company which has its own advanced techniques specializing in manufacturing exquisite product. Equipped with an excellent R&D team, it has its superiority in developing new products and customizing the unique products based on the needs of customers.

GESTER is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. We have been providing high quality textile testing equipment in the industry. GESTER's Bally Resistance Flexing Tester series contains multiple sub-products. GESTER tension testing machine is produced under safety precautions. Operators must wear static protective clothing and gloves during the whole production process to keep away from electric leakage. Its surface is not to get rusty. demattia flex tester can be in normal work status at day and night. It has an alarm report function when finishing the test work.

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