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What factors affected the accuracy of testing instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-18
Companies or manufacturers use testing instrument can detect the performance of their products, improve product quality, quality qualified products to further open markets. As a result, the performance and precision of measuring is an important factor of testing instruments. The following instruments is to analyze the factors affected the accuracy of detecting instrument. Factors affected the accuracy of testing instruments: 1, the measurement and control system ( Is the software and hardware) 。 On the market at present most of the tensile machine control system USES a 8 bit single chip microcomputer control, the sampling rate is low, and the anti-interference ability is poor, the other is the AD converter. 2, the transmission system. Pulling force machine drive system on the market at present some use reducer, some use ordinary belt, the main disadvantages of the two transmission ways: first need to add lubricating oil regularly, kinds of guarantees the synchronization of drive after impact test results. Furniture testing equipment instrument produces tensile machine drive system adopts full arc synchronous belt speed, guarantee the synchronization precision of the transmission, high driving accuracy and high efficiency, smooth transmission, low noise, no maintenance service life is long. 3, ball screw. Because screw if you have clearance to make test data in the future, will be directly the biggest deformation and break elongation should ring test. Pulling force machine on the market at present some screw is used T common screw, so the gap is bigger, the other is the short service life of friction force is larger. 4, power supply, Motor) Also called the motor. On the market at present some tensile machine adopts ordinary three-phase motor or frequency conversion motor, the motor adopts analog signal control, the control response is slow, inaccurate positioning, narrow range of speed regulation 5, force sensor. Because the stand or fall of sensor determines the precision of the machine and load stability, small force sensor used on the market at present value generally with S type sensor, strongly value generally with hub-and-spoke sensor, inside the sensor of resistance strain chip, if the strain gauge accuracy is not high or fixed strain gauge with a rubber anti-aging ability is not good in bad or sensor material will affect the sensor precision and service life. Instrument company's main textile testing instrument, furniture, toys testing instruments test instrument, universal tensile machine, the flame retardant test instrument, etc. Company mailbox market @ gester - 仪器。 com +86- 595 - 22515230 jobs: the manager phone: + 86 - 595 - Fax: 22515230-0769 23394660 QQ: 63765035: postal address: 523808 songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone technology nine road no. 1's official website: http://www. tony0769. com/
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