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What is the gap between domestic textile testing instruments and imported instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-17
In recent years, my country's domestic textile testing equipment has made significant progress in both quantity and quality. However, the market's evaluation is still: the quality of domestic instruments is unreliable, the performance is unstable, and the high-end high-tech experiments and research are still imported in large quantities. The Marketing Department of Standard Group believes that the gap between domestic and imported products is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:    One, the gap between Ru0026D concepts and models. The foreign counterparts' user opinions and improvement suggestions on the previous generation products are regarded as treasures, and the information is analyzed and researched one by one, combined with the latest related technologies, and improvement plans are proposed one by one. After optimization, prototypes are developed and sent to the industry for free. The user enterprise conducts the trial, and also signs the trial technology confidentiality agreement with the user to achieve a win-win situation for the Ru0026D party and the user side. Based on the results of the field trial, the users put forward the amendments from a technical point of view. The amendments were also reported to the new product promotion agency of the association where the company belongs, and finally put on the market and promoted application. This research and development model can often be an instant success.   A new domestic research and development project is indeed market-oriented and user needs as its purpose, but the results are always slow. Industry Ru0026D lacks the top-level guidance and design of the country, which makes the Ru0026D direction lack of guidance, financial and human resources are scattered, and it is impossible to form a joint force.   2. The gap in investment in research and development of test instrument products. Foreign innovation is an overall innovation system, from Ru0026D customer needs to Ru0026D to later promotion is systematic, and the investment in Ru0026D talents and Ru0026D innovation is large. Some domestically produced enterprises are unwilling to invest in capital and unwilling to innovate.   3. The gap between the diffusion of research and development results and the operation mode of popularization and application. The win-win and promotion application model of foreign Ru0026D parties and users inspires us: the diffusion and promotion and application of Ru0026D results are the forerunner of new test products to the market, and an important means for products to be transformed into commodities. Because a product is not a commodity, a product can only become a commodity when it is sold and accepted by people. Useful innovation is valuable, and the results of research and development must be well integrated with market needs. Article Source:
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