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What the purpose of the low temperature test chamber?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-14
Jester low temperature test chamber can be used to assess and determine the battery, electrical and electronic products, instruments and meters, or material changes in temperature cycle, the product surface to produce low temperature environment adaptability under the condition of storage and use. Equipment adopts the equilibrium temperature adjustment method ( BTHC) In PID control SSR work to keep the indoor temperature uniformity. In order to limit the radiation effect, equipment internal parts temperature and test temperature difference are not greater than 8%, and the test samples from direct radiation equipment in heating and cooling components. Low temperature test chamber is aviation, automobile, home appliances, research in areas such as the necessary test equipment, used to test and determine the battery, electrical, electronics, instruments and meters and other products and materials for high temperature, low temperature, or constant test the temperature of the parameters and performance after the environment changes, the low temperature range from 0 degrees to - 70 degrees, reference standard for test: GB/T2423. 1,GJB 150。 4 - 86, GB/T10589 low temperature test standard. Jester environmental testing equipment not only has the low temperature test chamber, high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, high low temperature alternating test chamber, hot and cold impact test chamber, Rapid temperature change chamber) , the salt fog box, aging boxes ( Divided into ultraviolet aging box, air aging box, etc. ) Get wet in the rain, aging room, box ( In the rain) Dust, sand box, etc. , have standard products, can also be non-standard custom products. Low temperature test chamber and high and low test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, high low temperature alternating test chamber, appearance is basically consistent, not the same as in the internal parameters and the selection of control instrument. Welcome you to choose the right product yourself! Tags: & nbsp  low temperature test chamber & NBSP high and low temperature test chamber & NBSP constant temperature and humidity test chamber & NBSP environmental testing equipment manufacturers
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