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Adjust the industry structure of the furniture tester to improve the industry standard

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-01
Introduction: Compared with several industries that have experienced great ups and downs in the machinery industry in the past few years, the furniture tester industry can be regarded as not having ups and downs. For the current industry, if you only increase investment in technology and research and develop high-end products, it will not be able to improve the level of the industry as a whole. The adjustment of the industry structure and the transformation and improvement of the company itself are also very important links. . From the previous few years to now, it has only been more than 20 years. From these companies, nearly 1,000 high-tech companies specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of furniture testers have emerged one after another. According to incomplete statistics There are already more than one hundred in Beijing. After more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation, the fissioned companies have become industry leaders and backbone enterprises.   Last year, emerging markets were frequently mentioned in the performance reports of major companies, and the Chinese market has always been a strong driving force for the growth of major companies. For the domestic listed instrument companies, last year's performance was mixed. According to relevant statistics, among the twelve listed instrument companies, benefiting from my country's huge investment in environmental protection last year, companies with environmental protection as their main business have achieved more than half of the growth and stand out among these companies. On the other hand, only four companies have achieved double-digit growth, and there are three companies with negative growth.   Looking forward to this year, several heads of multinational instrument companies predict that the outlook for the furniture tester industry will not change much this year, but the economic recovery in Europe and the United States may have a more positive impact. According to a report from a foreign survey agency, the global instrumentation equipment market will pick up somehow this year, and the average growth rate may be a little bit per cent.   Regarding the hot Chinese market in recent years, people in the industry feel that the market is now cooling down due to the impact of the macro economy. The report of foreign investigative agencies has also confirmed this point. The report predicts that the growth rate of the Chinese market will continue to decline this year, and the growth rate will rise to a certain extent. But what we can foresee is that the food and environmental fields will always be the strongest driving force of my country's instrument market in the coming years.   In fact, the field potential of furniture testers is very large. In fact, this is mainly due to the support of relevant policies in our country. The development of this industry provides a market and also provides opportunities for development. With my country's continuous development and breakthroughs in new technologies, this product will also usher in another upgrade and move towards high-end development to meet more application needs.  Related recommendation: How to check the cause of the failure of the furniture tester
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