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Analysis of cabin air filter design and test plan

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-09
Filter design The design of each cabin air filter is customized according to the corresponding airframe. Pall's design and engineering expertise can ensure that the best filtration performance is achieved in the smallest space and with the lightest weight. The design is completed by using advanced CATIA 3-D modeling and simulation software. The final design depends on multiple variables of the specific application. These variables include: filtration efficiency, air flow rate, installation configuration, acceptable pressure drop, service life requirements, and many other parameters. Softness test 1.90mm Temperature: 23±2℃ Test ring diameter: ∮u003d35mm Filter performance Pall decades of design and manufacturing expertise ensure the following points: C certified filter element service life (high dust holding capacity can be achieved) minimum The pressure drop is the lightest. The high squeezing strength is the real high-efficiency particulate HEPA filter (>99.999% microbial removal efficiency), which efficiently adsorbs odor/VOC (with optional activated carbon filter). , Low compressive strength and low dust holding capacity), it may rupture during operation, causing pollutants to be released into the passenger cabin. This type of failure cannot be detected by monitoring the pressure loss of the filter element, because a ruptured cabin air filter will not cause a high differential pressure indication. Filter test equipment To ensure that the filter performance meets OEM and/or customer specifications, Pall uses its own laboratory equipment to conduct extensive tests. The air filter testing and certification equipment in the laboratory includes:-Inhalation equipment (ie wind tunnel), high pressure flow equipment, filtration efficiency test equipment (sodium flame or cold PAO DOP), adsorption technology, high temperature fatigue test equipment, VOC excitation equipment, and other professional test equipment. The following cabin air filter tests allow internal airflow pressure loss-in line with BS1042 or ISO5167 filter efficiency, service life and dust holding capacity in line with ISO5011 sodium flame test in line with EN1822-1DOP test in line with MIL-STD-282 anti-extrusion test VOC removal test Flow field distortion filter element characteristics Filter efficiency testing has many international standards for measuring air filtration efficiency. The reported efficiency must indicate the particle size and flow rate used during the test, otherwise it has no real meaning. Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 161-12007 (Part 6.3.1) 'All air recirculated through aircraft systems shall be filtered through high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters before being supplied to the cabin. According to EN 1822-1, it is used for this The intended HEPA filter should meet or exceed the requirements of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology IEST-RP-CC007.2 'A' filter or MERV 17 or H13, and should provide a minimum 99.97% collection efficiency of 0.3 micron particles. Alternative technology can be used to meet the above requirements, but only if it can provide the same removal efficiency for the HEPA filter and is certified by a test method approved by an authority. IEST u003d Institute of Environmental Science and Technology ISO Standard EN1822-1 ( Europe) This standard applies to high-efficiency particulate and ultra-low permeability air filters (HEPA and ULPA) used in the field of ventilation and air conditioning. For aircraft cabin air recirculation systems, Airbus has passed the sodium chloride test to indicate the removal efficiency of HEPA filters Greater than 99.99%. This test involves letting the filter filter sodium chloride (NaCl) aerosol particles with an average particle size of 0.58 microns. By measuring the aerosol concentration upstream and downstream of the tested filter element, the removal efficiency or permeability ( Percentage unit). MIL-STD-282 (Americas) For the aircraft cabin air recirculation system, Boeing stipulates that under the rated flow conditions specified by each filter, it passes the MIL-STD-282 method 102.9.1 (using 0.3 micron DOP filter efficiency rating of uniform diameter dioctyl phthalate) The minimum filter efficiency of the filter to be measured should be 99.97%. By measuring the aerosol concentration upstream and downstream of the tested filter element, the removal efficiency or permeation is calculated Rate (percentage unit). Air filter efficiency test-sodium chloride flame test bench filter life test The filter faces a variety of pollutants, including ISO fine particles, ASHRAE test dust and Airbus test dust, etc. This ensures that the cabin air filter is designed to maintain a low pressure differential under the most challenging conditions. The pressure differential accumulation of the entire filter will be monitored until it reaches a predetermined level ('terminal delta-P') , And then the test stopped. In order to monitor the operating performance of the cabin air filter, airlines around the world have chosen Pall’s laboratory support services. Tests on the used cabin air filter show that it is used for certain The applied filter has a service life of more than 6000 flight hours. Note: For the cabin air filter element, there is currently no exact replacement time interval. The time interval varies depending on the aircraft type. Pall recommends that airlines follow the manufacturer Guidelines provided in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM). More about filter media Material tester: www.standard-groups.com/FilterMaterial/
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