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Analysis of the reasons for the low filtration efficiency of the bag filter

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-02
Bag filter is the dust removal method of many companies at present. They all use dust bag to filter the suspended particles in the flue gas to remove dust. Due to the design of the bag and its own characteristics, the bag filter is easy to cause blockage and aging The filter efficiency is low due to other circumstances, so the dust bag needs to be replaced regularly. Of course, with the continuous use of the dust bag, the filter efficiency should also be reduced for various reasons. Then, what factors will cause the filter efficiency in general Lower it? Standard Group summarizes its own test process and visits to customers and summarizes the following points for your reference: 1. Dust particle size For dust with a particle size of 0.2-0.4μm, the collection of ordinary dust-removing cloth bags under three working conditions The dust efficiency is the lowest, because the dust particles in this range are at the lower limit of the 'intercepting effect' and 'diffusion effect' of the bag filter's principle of action, so the dust in the range of 0.2-0.4μm is the most difficult to capture. The dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is directly related to the size, severity, shape, electrostatic effect and dust concentration of the particle size. For dust with large particles and heavy, irregular shapes and obvious electrostatic effects, its dust removal efficiency is higher. 2. The effect of the dust collector bag on the dust removal efficiency under different dust accumulation conditions. The classification efficiency of the same dust bag in different working conditions is different. The dust removal efficiency of the cleaning dust bag is the lowest. The dust removal efficiency of the dust bag after dust accumulation The highest, the dust collection efficiency of the dust bag after cleaning is reduced. It can be seen that the main dust collection function of the bag filter is the dust layer on the surface of the dust bag, which is usually called the secondary filter layer, and the dust bag only plays the role of supporting the dust layer. Therefore, the intensity of dust removal should be appropriate, and a certain thickness of dust layer should be retained to avoid the reduction of dust removal efficiency. 3. The influence of air leakage and resistance. In theory, the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter can reach 99%, but it cannot be achieved in actual measurement. The main reason is that it is affected by air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal effect. ; Resistance has a certain impact on the dust removal effect of the electrostatic precipitator. Frequently empty the filter bag to reduce the resistance and improve the dust removal effect. The dust suction hood should be as close as possible to the dust-producing nod, so that the dust can easily enter the hood, increase the amount of dust collection, and reduce the pollution of fugitive emissions. 4. The influence of filtration speed The lower the filtration speed, the easier it is to form a primary dust layer with small particle diameter and large porosity, and the more it can capture fine dust particles. When the filtration wind speed is too high, the penetration of dust particles into the filter material will be aggravated. , So that the filtration efficiency is reduced. Of course, the penetration phenomenon can also be overcome by selecting a suitable filter material. In addition, for some filter materials, when the filter wind speed changes within a certain range, the dust removal efficiency is almost unaffected. 5. Bag filter bag structure and dust load The size of the dust load deposited on the surface of the bag filter is also directly related to the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter. Experience has shown that the use of various dust removal devices can not only improve product quality and reduce costs, but it is also the main measure to control dust pollution. The dust removal efficiency, equipment cost and operating cost of various dust collectors are different. When installing the dust collector, you should have a deep understanding of the performance of the various dust collectors, and fully consider the structure of the dust generating equipment, the types of raw materials and fuels, Operating conditions, the nature and amount of dust-containing gas, the purpose of using the dust collector, the characteristics and value of the dust collected by the bag filter, and the amount of dust to be combined to form the most economical dust removal system and ensure appropriate dust removal efficiency . In the maintenance and management of the dust collector, treatment measures due to the different nature of dust and changes in operating conditions should also be considered. In summary, the low filtration efficiency of common bag filters is basically caused by the above reasons. Standard Group provides professional dynamic and static filtration efficiency testers, which are suitable for bag filter, masks, all kinds of filterability cloths and other materials. , Welcome to inquire!
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