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Can determine the machine in the material industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-21
  There is a machine specially designed to test the breaking strength, tearing strength of the product and repeated stretching of elastic materials, that is, the powerful machine. At the same time, the machine can be used to study different properties of materials, and the machine is equipped with an embedded control system and operating software, as well as a friendly operating interface and an intelligent data management system. Powerful machines are widely used in plastic film, packaging, medicine, food and other related industries to study the properties of materials and finished products.    Usually a strong opportunity to test the tensile strength of the material can determine the industry to which the material is applicable. Yield strength is also very important for materials. When the yield strength of the material is greater than the external force, the material will deform and cannot return to the original shape. When the yield strength is less than or equal to the external force, the material will recover. As it is. For example, the yield strength of silk is 20Mpa. When the external force on the silk is greater than 20Mpa, the silk will break and cannot be restored; if the external force on the silk is less than 20Mpa, it will return to its original shape. Another detection method is to install the preprocessed sample between the two clamps of the powerful machine. The clamps move in the relative direction during the test; the force and displacement changes are fixed on the driven handle and the embedded displacement sensor In the load cell and recorded by the sensor.
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