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Cold and hot shock box out on strike

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-12
Daily maintenance problems, cold and hot shock box strike a maintenance, monthly maintenance regularly l, condenser, keep clean, use 2 piece on the condenser vacuum loose network of dust suction except 3, boot after using qualitative hard hair brush or with high pressure gas mouth blown clean of dust dust can make the compressor and condenser attached 4 high voltage switch tripping and produce false alarms. , refrigerating unit 1 and 2 must be inspection once half a year all the brass joint leaks, etc. 2, each function of maintenance and maintenance of 3, 3, welding at the mouth of the oil leaked out, if any, should be dealt with immediately. 3, 1, other parts of the maintenance staff must wear good dry, electricity, heat resistance gloves take put the samples. Article 2, sample and gate seal shall not contact, in case of sealing strip was damaged or shorten life. 3, internal maintenance error, test cases before the operation should be the internal impurities removing 4, indoor cleaning at least once a year more than 5, and should be use vacuum cleaner to clean indoor dust gettering. 6, hot and cold impact testing machine clean enough 7, test chamber and at the bottom of the floor to keep clean around 8, in order to avoid a large amount of dust produced in the suction unit accident and reduce the performance.
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