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International textile anti-virus testing standards promulgated

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-23
Recently, the International Organization for Standardization (iso) officially released the 'Anti-Virus Textile Testing Standard' (iso18184:2014), which stipulates the anti-virus performance test methods of textiles (including woven and knitted fabrics, fibers, yarns, etc.). The release of this standard marks a new progress in the research and development of the international functional textile testing technology and evaluation system, and functional textiles have entered a new era of anti-virus. Functional textiles are different from general textiles, mainly including comfort functional textiles, sanitary and health functional textiles, protective functional textiles, etc.; among them, sanitary and health functional textiles are subdivided into antibacterial, far-infrared radiation, negative ions and other functions, and anti-virus functions are the latest Development trends.   my country is a major exporter of textiles, but the technical content of exported textiles is not high, and the added value is low, especially the low export ratio of functional textiles. The continuous improvement of the international functional textile standard system, on the one hand, provides technical guidance for export enterprises in product Ru0026D and design, on the other hand, it also forms a technical barrier to related export products. For this reason, we call on textile research and development units and production enterprises to grasp the development trend of international textiles in time, concentrate on researching and developing high value-added functional textiles, and guide product design and production in strict accordance with the latest requirements, so as to help my country's export textiles successfully occupy the international high-end market. Contribute. The promulgation of new standards has also given my country’s textile companies a clear goal. To advance to the functional textile product industry and to improve the added value and technical content of textiles is also a problem that my country’s textile companies must face. If the status quo of the industry is not broken, it will always be Play the role of the follower, unable to get out of the predicament of the industry.
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