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Ozone aging test method and result judgment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-02
Experimental significance The content of ozone in the atmosphere is very small, but it is the main factor of rubber cracking. Therefore, in the test environment, the ozone conditions in the atmosphere are simulated and strengthened, and the law of the effect of ozone on rubber can be studied quickly. Performance and anti-ozonant protection efficiency, and then take effective anti-aging measures to improve the service life of rubber products. Basic knowledge about ozone Ozone is a light blue fishy gas under normal temperature and pressure, and its molecular formula is O3. It has strong oxidizing ability and bactericidal performance. Ozone is highly oxidizing. Except for gold and platinum, ozonized air has a corrosive effect on almost all metals. Aluminum, zinc, lead will be strongly oxidized in contact with ozone, but chromium-containing ferroalloys are basically not corroded by ozone. Ozone also has a strong corrosive effect on non-metallic materials. In ozone generating equipment, ordinary rubber cannot be used as a sealing material, and silicon rubber or acid-resistant rubber with strong corrosion resistance must be used. The test method simulates and strengthens the ozone conditions in the atmosphere, exposing the sample to the air containing a constant ozone concentration and a constant temperature test box, and inspecting the sample for cracking at a predetermined time. Test equipment Ozone aging test box test principle The sample is exposed to the air with constant ozone concentration and a constant temperature test box, and the cracking of the sample is checked for a predetermined time. You can choose from the following three methods: A. After exposure for a specified time and a specified strain, check whether there is cracking, and determine the degree of cracking if necessary. B. Measure the earliest cracking time under any prescribed tensile strain. C Determine the critical strain for any prescribed exposure time. Test standards GB 7762-03, DIN53509-1, ISO1431/1 vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber ozone cracking resistance test items Test conditions Ozone concentration pphm: 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Test temperature ℃ 40 ± 2 (optional Other temperatures, but not more than 60) Elongation rate 20% (other elongation rates can also be used) Sample installation After stretching, the sample is allowed to stand in an ozone-free dark room at standard temperature for 24-48h. Sample condition adjustment test After installing the parts for 15 minutes, place them in an ozone environment VW 2. Glue material requirements and tests 8.1 Rubber project test conditions Ozone concentration ppm Test temperature ℃ 25±3 The sample is installed in the use state or similar installation state, and certain parts are specified Certain load, such as: storage of profiled materials around a radius of 30mm; for profiled materials with a thickness of ≤5mm, stretch 20%-25% with a clamp or test a circular column with a radius 5 times the thickness of the sample. Sample state adjustment The test piece is placed in an ozone environment 15 minutes after installation
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