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What bags oscillation impact tester field huge mining space

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-14
Bags oscillation what huge impact tester field mining space at present, our country's tester is a new health industry, due to develop soon, both capacity and research and development on far cannot satisfy the demand of the market, although in recent years and consumption constantly close to, but there is still a big gap compared with developed countries, the industry still exists a big gap. But our luggage oscillation impact tester is the size of the market of bags 14% of the total market, with 42% of the world's level. However, it also makes the investment community saw a huge mining in the field of space. Although luggage oscillation impact tester is the development of the industry in our country compared with the wind water smooth, scale is continually expanding, but also can not cover up the problems existing in the middle of the development. In terms of market, rural market become difficult to breakthrough the bottleneck of the industry. Bags oscillation impact tester industry struggling in the rural market, rural market different from city, by a variety of factors such as capital, technology and consumer groups. Also, lack of effective technical support and the use of the relevant personnel and equipment in rural market of a serious drawbacks, due to the lack of technical support, so it is difficult to ensure the equipment in the process of using are completely conform to the standards and specifications. Problem there is, of course, but bags oscillation impact tester is a 'development' in industry. Its development potential is huge, nowadays many high-end instruments mostly imported from abroad, but as the technology gradually upgrade, homebred instrument has gradually with the power of substitution. So in the future, our market share will increase continuously.
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