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What is a lithium battery prick test, experiment method and the standard is what?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-15
Acupuncture needle machine is suitable for the battery test, needle machine is suitable for the simulation of various kinds of battery is in use, transport, storage or deal with household waste batteries suffer from sharp objects pierced. The test results qualified for battery explosion not fire. Test method: test should be in 20 ℃ & plusmn; Ambient temperature of 5 ℃, will meet with thermocouple lithium battery ( The thermocouple fixed on a larger battery surface contact) Placed in a fume hood, with a diameter of 2 - 8 mm no rust corrosion steel to 10 mm/s - 40 mm/s speed puncture the battery to the center of the largest surface, and keep the 5 seconds. Batteries to be tested with explosion, not as a qualified fire. ( 1) For cylindrical battery, acupuncture the longitudinal axis of the battery should be parallel to the two tablets and extruding device. ( 2) Battery for square and soft package, only the width ZhongXinDuan puncture of the battery. ( 3) For coin type or button type batteries, battery two way puncture plane parallel to the tablet. Testing battery needle machine to meet the following standards: QC/T 743 - 2006 'electric vehicles using lithium-ion battery' QC/T 744 - 2006 'electric car with nickel metal hydride battery' GB/T 31467. 3 - 2015 'electric car with part 3: lithium ion power battery pack and system security requirement and test method of GB/T 31485 - 2015 'electric vehicles with power battery safety requirements and test methods of MT/T - 1051 2007 'the miner's lamp with lithium ion battery' YD - 1268 2003 'mobile handset lithium battery and charger safety requirements and test methods of GB/T 19521. 11 - 2005 'dangerous lithium-ion battery pack goods hazardous characteristics test safety regulations YDB - 032 2009 'communication backup type lithium ion battery' test standard such as tags: & nbsp  acupuncture needle machine & NBSP lithium battery test & NBSP battery acupuncture test method & NBSP prick test standards
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