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What properties are needed in tensile testing machine raw materials?
In fact, the tensile testing machine manufacturer consistently pays close attention to the properties of raw materials. It's the combination of raw materials and advanced technology that makes perfect item. When the producer is selecting raw materials, many indexes are considered and analyzed. When the raw materials are processed, production technology is an integral way to maximize its functions and properties.

Since its inception, GESTER International Co.,Limited starts with the manufacture of snap button pull test standard. Over the years, the company has been growing steadily and significantly. GESTER's tensile testing machine series contains multiple sub-products. GESTER electromechanical universal testing machine is manufactured under strict quality control system and its quality can be assured. Thus, the defective rate of this product is very low, because its inner components such as chips and driver are made in superior quality. The product is widely accepted for its abrasion resistance. The product is very robust and has no moving parts, filaments or fragile glass used in the bulb, which is safe to use. Made of the latest composite materials, it features high-temperature resistance.

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