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Youngor Vietnam Tiansheng Textile Joint Stock Company-Vietnam Thiensun Youngor case

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-25
Youngor Group was founded in 1979. After nearly 30 years of development, it has gradually established a business pattern of diversified and professional development with the three major industries of brand clothing, real estate development, and equity investment as the main body. It has become a company with more than 50,000 employees. A large multinational group company, the Youngor Group Co., Ltd. is a listed company, and the group has been ranked 29th among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises in 2013.   The rapid rise in labor costs in China has not only forced the retreat of international brands that once came to China, but domestic companies are also planning to establish overseas industrial bases. A few days ago, it was reported that the three companies of Youngor, Hong Kong Luen Thai Group and an industrial park operating company in Guangdong plan to jointly invest 1 billion yuan in industrial park projects in Vietnam.     According to reports, Youngor intends to put fabrics and other production capacity into the aforementioned joint investment industrial park. The industry was not surprised by this. An industry veteran said that up to now, many garment companies have moved their factories to Vietnam and other countries, and the main reason for the transfer of production is the increase in labor costs. The      plan shows that the future of Vietnam's textile and apparel industry lies in the upstream of the textile industry. Youngor's Vietnamese fabric production capacity has stepped on the timing of the development of Vietnam's textile and apparel industry, and it is expected to enjoy many policy support in Vietnam.   Youngor Vietnam Tiansheng Textile Joint Stock Company signed a joint venture agreement with Vietnam Thien Nam Investment and Development JSC Company to establish a joint venture for weaving and knitting, located in Baoming Industrial Park in the northern part of Nam Dinh Province, northern Vietnam. As one of the leading spinning companies in Vietnam, Thien Nam has four spinning mills with approximately 150,000 spindles and an annual production capacity of 25,000 tons of yarn. The joint venture plant will retain only 30% of its output for the domestic market, and the remaining output will be exported to foreign markets such as Brazil, South Korea, Turkey, China and Indonesia. As a leading enterprise in the domestic textile instrument industry, it is actively developing an international route. At present, Standard Group has successfully connected with Iran, Turkey, Jordan and other Central and West Asian countries and Southeast Asian countries, and has successfully docked with local textile instrument distributors in Vietnam. Phased results have been achieved, and the effect is remarkable. At present, it is actively cooperating with Youngor Vietnam Tiansheng Textile Joint Stock Co., Ltd., and the laboratory construction cooperation project has been put into normal operation. The textile industry 'going out' is an important economic strategy for my country, and it is also the only way for textile instrument enterprises in the future. . In order to keep up with the international economic trend, my country's powerful textile companies have gone international. Youngor Vietnam Tiansheng Textile Joint Stock Company signed an agreement with Vietnam to establish an industrial park represented by weaving and knitting in Vietnam. To establish a factory in Vietnam to deliver textile materials to Southeast Asia and even the world, it is necessary to have a set of own laboratories, through testing to regulate that each product meets the standards of the American, European, and national standards. Youngor Vietnam Tiansheng Textile Joint Stock Co., Ltd. laboratory construction, the first phase purchased a batch of testing instruments from our company, such as a powerful machine, a roller box pilling and snag tester, and an Atlas xenon lamp aging tester, and the second phase purchased The pilling tester, rubbing color fastness and other instruments and equipment, currently customers report that the product quality is all good. The detailed case of Youngor Vietnam laboratory construction: http:/www.standard-groups.com/Case/232.html
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