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Application of carbon arc aging test box in automobile industry

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-13
Carbon arc aging test chambers mainly use Japanese labels. Everyone knows that Japanese corporate industries are relatively developed, and other industries use carbon arc aging test chambers for aging test experiments. At present, many companies in my country have cooperation with Japanese companies, so The use of carbon arc aging test box is relatively large. Here, let's talk about the experimental testing standard of carbon arc aging test box in the automotive interior industry. Auto parts, polymer materials, weather resistance testing is also called reliability testing, which refers to materials such as paint, construction plastics, rubber products, etc. due to exposure to sunlight, temperature changes, wind and rain, and other external conditions. A series of aging phenomena such as fading, discoloration, cracking, chalking and strength decrease. Among them, ultraviolet radiation is a key factor to promote plastic aging. 1. Test standard of carbon arc xenon lamp aging tester:    GBT1767-1979 paint film weather resistance test method AATCC111-2003 Fabric weather resistance: JBZQ3571-1986 vulcanized rubber weather resistance test method GBT3511-2008 vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber weather resistance JBZQ3571-1986 weather resistance test method for vulcanized rubber JISD0205-1987 weather resistance test method for automobile parts CNS11232-1985 xenon arc lamp type optical rotation and weather resistance tester GB11793.3-1989 pvc plastic window mechanical properties and weather resistance test method GBT11793-2008 Test method for mechanical properties and weather resistance of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) plastic doors and windows 2. Test method:    Natural climate: Natural outdoor tests require specimens to be exposed to sunlight and exposed to the atmosphere, either directly or with glass Bezel. Two benchmark climates are often used to test products in the United States: the hot and humid subtropical Florida climate and the dry and hot Arizona desert climate. The climate in other places is suitable for other markets. For example, Atlas has 25 climate tests in Europe. Outdoor tests often use year-round irradiation and weathering treatments, and these treatments vary over time.  Outdoor enhancement: When it is necessary to be more exposed to solar radiation, we can use a sun tracker or centralized processing system to directly expose to real outdoor weathering conditions to obtain faster outdoor testing. These test methods can provide effective results that are at least eight times faster than the original real-time weathering conditions. The reliability test of carbon arc xenon lamp aging tester mainly includes: hast unsaturated aging tester, explosion-proof general high temperature aging test box, thermal shock test box, constant temperature and humidity test box, aging test, UV ultraviolet test machine, gas corrosion test, Three-dimensional, PCT high-pressure accelerated aging life aging test machine, mechanical impact test, collision test and drop test, dustproof and waterproof test, high and low temperature and low gas test machine and other environmental reliability tests. Focusing on the testing instrument industry for 13 years, we have accumulated rich technical experience and many successful cases, and have extensive cooperative relationships with major enterprises across the country. The quality of services and products is first-class, our instruments are reasonably priced, quality assurance, and supply The service is warm and thoughtful with short cycle. For more details of related activities and discounts, please contact us.
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