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Congratulations to cooperate with chongqing purple built electronic again

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-18
Jester with chongqing purple built electronic began in 2019, based on the previous good cooperation, recently, jester with chongqing purple built again hand in hand, chongqing purple build order our environment test cases of a batch of success. Here, thank you very much for the height of the chongqing purple built on the jester company recognition and support, we will continue to do a good job of service. Electronic co. , LTD. , formerly known as chongqing purple built for shenzhen d all the electronics co. , LTD. , in July 2011 in chongqing open state, purple built electronic is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales in the integration of private enterprises, specializing in the production of polymer lithium ion battery, the main production of bluetooth, MP3, MP4,'t a MP5, cell phone, tablet PC, power electric bicycle, motorcycle, etc. Also in the service of uavs, intelligent robot, medical equipment, military mobile communication tools and industrial equipment, and other fields, in the domestic market share is high, is millet, lenovo, huawei and other well-known brand partners. Purple built electronic the purchase our environmental test chamber including constant temperature oven, hot and cold impact test chamber, rapid temperature test chamber, program 3 cases of high temperature test chamber, 3 cases of high and low temperature test chamber, etc. Mainly used for battery test on the properties of environmental adaptation. Jester professional casting environmental test chamber, product variety, complete specification, mainly including constant temperature and humidity test chamber, Test warehouse) , high and low temperature test chamber, Two/three box) , hot and cold impact test chamber ( Two/three/hanging basket type) , salt spray testing machine, 108 l / 270 l / 600 l) Get wet in the rain, compound salt spray testing machine, box, sand dust box, drying box, aging test chamber, aging room, etc. The company not only professional equipment manufacturing standard, at the same time can also be non-standard customized equipment. Configuration of professional and technical personnel and after-sales service, professional sales personnel, one-on-one to provide customized technical solutions, solve customer extra worries, welcome general customers consultation order our equipment. This article from the jester testing equipment company, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp  environmental test chamber & NBSP environment chamber production manufacturers & NBSP jester environmental test chamber
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