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Explanation of terms for textile testing equipment

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-16
Textile testing equipment is a big term classification. The testing equipment required for different products, different functions, and unreachable standards in the textile industry are completely different. Below, Standards Group will make a basic conceptual analysis of common textile testing instruments:   1. Mechanical property testing instruments: Test various properties of textile materials under mechanical external forces, including tensile property testing instruments and wear resistance testing instruments.   2. Appearance quality testing instrument: used to test the appearance quality of yarns and printed and dyed fabrics. Appearance quality usually refers to yarn evenness, yarn defects, and dye fastness of printed and dyed fabrics.  3. Fabric style tester: An instrument that detects certain physical and mechanical properties of fabrics to comprehensively evaluate fabric styles.   Fourth, physical property testing instrument: an instrument for testing the air permeability, moisture permeability and electrical properties of textile materials. The tests of these properties can reflect the comfort and hygiene of the clothing fabrics when taken. There are air permeability tester, moisture permeability tester, warmth retention tester and fiber specific resistance tester.   5. Process property testing instrument: An instrument for testing process properties such as fiber length, fineness, crimp, yarn twist, yarn hairiness and moisture regain. There are fiber length tester, fiber fineness tester, fiber crimp tester, yarn hairiness tester, yarn twist tester, moisture regain tester, etc. 6. Fabric testing equipment: fabric strength tensile machine, zipper fatigue tester, fabric pilling tester, ICI pilling tester, button tension tester, zipper reciprocating fatigue tester, roller box pilling tester, wet Degree tester, fabric flat grinder, fabric thickness meter (fabric thickness meter, portable fabric thickness meter), fabric density mirror, fabric tear meter, fabric weight meter, button press machine, cloth weight balance (fabric weight balance) ), sample cutter (Hong Kong sample cutter, domestic sample cutter), cutter (manual sample cutter), electronic yarn count detection system. 7. Printing and dyeing fastness textile equipment: color fastness to perspiration tester, rubbing color fastness tester, color fastness tribometer, horizontal burning tester, vertical burning tester, 45 degree burning tester, washing color fastness Degree testing machine, shrinkage tester (domestic standard washing machine, AATCC standard washing machine, AATCC standard clothes dryer, textile viscometer, textile coding machine.    eight: general textile testing equipment: metal detector, standard color light box, Needle detector, magnifying glass.    Nine: Textile simulation environment test equipment: pointer push-pull meter, digital push-pull meter, digital thermo-hygrometer, infrared thermometer, illuminance meter, noise meter, constant temperature and humidity box, drying box , Wind speed thermometer, color difference meter, constant temperature incubator, temperature and humidity recorder.    Ten. Textile testing consumables: consumables that need to be used during the test. For example: AATCC white cotton cloth, European wash cloth, American standard wash cloth, Japan Standard stained gray ruler, etc.    Article source: Standard Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
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