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UN38。 3. What test standard cell needs to be done?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-17
Battery UN38. What is 3: to ensure the safety of the air transport and meet customer demand for lithium battery of goods transportation, according to the international air transport association rules of the dangerous goods regulations, formulate rechargeable lithium battery operating norms, namely UN38. 3 ( UNDOT) The test. If you can't provide the test report, the civil aviation will ban lithium battery for air transport. Jester testing equipment company for this test requirement in the production of a set of battery safety testing equipment. Battery UN38. 3 scope of application: 1. All kinds of lead-acid batteries ( Such as car starting with lead-acid battery, fixed type lead-acid batteries, small valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, etc. ) 2. Various power secondary battery ( Such as dynamic vehicle batteries, electric vehicle road car batteries, power tools battery, hybrid electric vehicle batteries, etc. ) 3. All kinds of mobile phone batteries ( Such as lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, etc. ) 4. All kinds of small secondary battery ( Such as laptop battery, digital camera batteries, camera batteries, all kinds of cylindrical battery, wireless communication, portable DVD, CD and MP3 players, etc. ) 5. All kinds of the battery ( Such as alkaline zinc manganese batteries, lithium manganese battery, etc. ) Battery UN38. 3 test content: jester testing equipment companies design and manufacture of battery testing equipment, such as battery extrusion machine, needle machine, battery short circuit, battery tester, battery burning testing machine weight impact testing machine, electromagnetic vibration table, battery high low pressure testing machine, etc. , all meet UN38. 3, IEC62133, GB31241, GB31485, UL1642, UL2054 wait for a variety of domestic and international testing standards. Jester company has research and development department, technology department, sales department, after-sales service department and other departments, to provide customers with efficient pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, to provide non-standard custom and site planning services. If you have any requirements, please contact our jester. This article from the jester detection equipment, reprint please indicate the url: https://www. gesterinstruments。 Com/tags: & nbsp UN 38. 3 standard test content & NBSP lithium ion battery testing equipment & NBSP jester battery testing equipment
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