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How did GESTER design button pull test machine ?
The design of button pull test machine from GESTER International Co.,Limited continuously exceeds customers' expectations as a result of our control processes such as early design concept review. At the design concept stage, our engineers will present ideas to their peers in all areas of the company – design, quality, manufacturing, project management, procurement – and defend their design direction so that we can all be confident in the design direction. Any product mistake is avoided later in the project in this way. Cost, quality and time to market can also be minimized through proper planning.

GESTER has been a qualified manufacturer both in the domestic and international market. We are proficient in manufacturing Bally Resistance Flexing Tester. GESTER's shoes impact tester series contains multiple sub-products. GESTER [perspiration fastness tester contains a heat sink which is made of aluminum. Compared to the PC heat sink, aluminum has better performance in heat dispersion. Besides, aluminum features strong electrical conductivity. Through hardening treatment, it is sturdy enough. lab dyeing machines is good at all working conditions with Laboratory Dyeing Machine manufacturers and longer life span. Made of the latest composite materials, it features high-temperature resistance.

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