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Furniture testing instrument of foam stretch tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-20
Furniture testing instrument of bubble cotton stretch tester bubble cotton stretch tester according to gb/t6670 - 2008 design and manufacturing, in line with the American standard astm d3574 and iso8307 testing standards. Is suitable for the determination of soft polyurethane foam falling ball type can rebound resilience. The instrument by a given diameter and the quality of the steel ball in the specified height on free falling on the foam sample, calculate the springback of maximum height of steel ball and ball drop height ratio is the percentage of spring rate, expressed as a resilient rate of foam plastics can rebound resilience. The machine USES microprocessor control, LCD display in Chinese, and we can print the test data. The machine has the use of safe, reliable, high measurement precision, etc. Foam stretch tester technical parameters of steel ball falling distance: 460 + 0. 5%mm( The standards' 500 + 0. 5%mm( American standard) 16 - ball diameter: ¢ 0. 5 mm ball rebound rate of accuracy: & lt; 1. 5% tested sample size: 100 mm ( Long) ×100 mm( Wide) ×50mm( High) Dimension: 260 * 260 * 730 mm automatic computing the average rebound height automatically calculates the average rebound rate configuration: host a ( Including the release mechanism, capture mechanism, height adjustment mechanism) Electro-optical distance sensor into a control box a ( Liquid crystal display) in Chinese The micro printer a ( Desktop)
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