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Tensile testing machine performance testing purposes

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-22
Tensile testing machine is professional for testing all kinds of soft packaging materials tensile properties such as structural mechanics characteristics of electronic devices. Machinery and equipment for plastic, polymer materials, RuanSu packaging products, steel wire hose, rubber adhesion agent, adhesive plaster products, the non-drying label, medical equipment, protective film, cover, diaphragm, vulcanized rubber materials such as cloth and physical performance test, and searches for additional tensile machine can carry out tensile deformation, tear open, heat sealing, tapping force, force, low gear solutions for new project such as roll force, peeling force test. Tensile testing machine for rubber, plastic, plastic film, plastic, textile, chemical fiber, nano composite materials, fiber materials, high polymer materials, with packaging, paper, cable wire, fiber optical fiber, belts, belts, leather belt, shoes, adhesive, high polymer, tool steel, stainless steel plate, casting parts, thick steel plates, steel chain, rare metal, auto parts, metal products and non-metallic materials and metal composite material stretch, shrink, bend, tear, 90 & deg; From, 180 & deg; Out, cutting, cohesive force, pull force and broaden the elongation experiment. Tensile testing machine can call metal materials applied for tensile testing machine, for a variety of materials to carry out the test, tensile tester is an electronic device, the test result accurate and convenient to use. Tensile testing machine as precise experiment instrument, the material to be able to stretch, shrink, bending, cutting, tearing, from and so on, can also be called a tensile testing machine, apply to all kinds of rubber, plastic and other materials, equipment maintenance in time is to ensure that the tension machine test results accurate a key element. The precise measurement of the tensile testing machine strength is through pressure sensor, amplifier and data information processing system software for accurate measurement. Learn from the material structure mechanics, under the small deformation condition, a vibration isolator resilience of one point & epsilon; Proportional to the force of the vibration isolator is, and the ductility of become direct ratio. To S type tester sensor for example, when the sensors of applied P practical effect, the surface vibration isolator paste with resistance strain gauge, because of the vibration isolator resilience directly proportional with the size of the external force P, so the connect the resistance strain gauge precisely measure the power circuit, can through to the output voltage, then measure to the size of a force. The precise measurement of the tensile testing machine deformation after deformation accurately measure installation to accurate measurement, it is used to precisely measure the deformation occurring in the process of the test specimen. The installation of the above have 2 collet, after a series profile idea structure and loading at the top of the precise measurement installation of photoelectric encoder even in together, when the spacing between the two collet illness change, promote axial distortion of photoelectric encoder, photoelectric encoder will be a single pulse in a standard light output. By processor for this matter again with light to carry out the processing, can be variable in the shape of specimen. The precise measurement of the bearing beam offset its truth, like deformation accurately measure about, all after accurate measurement of photoelectric encoder output pulse number for bearing beam offset. The interpretation of the above is the tensile testing machine performance test purposes, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of tensile testing machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  tensile testing machine
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