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The advantages of computer servo universal tensile testing machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-24
The advantages of computer servo universal tensile testing machine: first, from the equipment structure characteristics: computer servo universal tensile testing machine is suitable for the aerospace, petrochemical industry, wire and cable, rubber, paper and plastic color printing packaging, adhesive tapes, bags handbags, textile, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. To test the physical properties of the various materials and finished products, semi-finished products, choose a variety of fixture to do tensile, compressive, hold, hold pressure, bending, tear, peel, adhesion and shear test. Executable GB, ISO, ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS and other national or international standard test. At the same time can be customized according to the users to provide domestic and international standard of various experiment data processing software and auxiliary equipment. Digital display electronic universal testing machine is suitable for strength for the relevant data such as tensile strength and compressive strength of the user. Take more complex parameters such as demand, computer servo universal strength testing machine is your better choice. From the price, electronic universal testing machine under 30 t have more advantages. The computer can not servo universal strength testing machine, oil source. So cleaner, more convenient in operation and maintenance, can adjust the scope of its test speed, test speed can reach 0. 001毫米/分钟 1000 mm/min, the speed ratio of up to 1 million times as much, the test schedule according to needs, more flexible. High precision of measuring forces, some even can reach 0. 2%. Small volume, light weight, convenient space is large, and with the corresponding devices to do all kinds of material mechanics experiment. In the sample, test, test: the clamping fixture, between the two clip two chuck do relative movement, through strength sensor and the machine is located in the moving clamp head built-in displacement sensor, through computer sampling system to test in the process of strength and displacement changes, so as to calculate the sample tensile, tear, deformation rate and other performance indicators and change curve. Test results can be automatically by the test software calculation, at the same time, by connecting the printer can print test results directly, or through the u disk permanent test data. Computer servo universal strength testing machine mainly adopts servo motor as a power source, screw, wire mother as an executive components, realize the speed of the machine moving beam control. On the drive control, at present there are mainly two forms, synchronous belt and speed reducer. About their advantages and disadvantages, it remains to be discussed, but don't affect users. Electronic universal testing machine adopts load on load sensor. If there is demand environment, batteries, footwear, tensile testing machine testing equipment, welcome to click into our jester site oh, there is our contact information! Welcome to call!
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