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Byd auto purchase battery extrusion machine 1 again

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-11
Recently, the byd auto co. , LTD successful order jester battery extrusion machine 1, thanks to byd on the jester's trust and support. Byd auto has dedicated to the car battery power battery, which leads the industry safety standards, wisdom & other; Throughout China's core &; SanDian integration, integration technology, cutting edge dual-mode concept quality, achieve 15 years battery safety zero accident. Byd advocate safety no small matter, hands-on, because byd auto focus on car battery safety performance, so in recent years, more and more people choose byd cars. Byd auto the order of the extrusion machine is mainly used to simulate all kinds of battery is in use, transport, storage or deal with household waste battery squeezed, to determine safety performance of the battery. Jester battery extruding machine by the drive motor extrusion, extrusion equipment, panels, control instrument, lighting, computers, and operation of PC, safety protection system ( Power protection, open phase protection, overpressure/shortage pressure alarm protection) , etc. This equipment meet UN38. 3, UL1642, IEC62133, GB31241 domestic and international testing standards. Jester battery extrusion machine is a has the high testing precision, explosion-proof performance is good, high safety coefficient of battery safety testing equipment, is the battery production enterprises, the production enterprise, testing institutions, quality inspection departments, colleges and universities and research institutions will choose equipment. Jester is willing to travel for your security escort.
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