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Battery drop tester product characteristics is introduced

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-26
Battery drop tester for testing samples from different height, different Angle free fall drop fell on the floor in different materials, detection of safety performance of the battery. At the same time, the machine applies to the mobile phone, interphone, electronic dictionaries, building intercom, CD/MD/MP3 and other small consumer electrical products and parts value free fall test. Products meet the GB 31241 - 2014年,IEC62841 - 1:2014 UN38。 3, UL1642, UL0254 test standard. Battery drop tester product characteristics is introduced: the machine adopts pneumatic structure, will be tested in special fixture ( The adjustable stroke) Clip, press down fall, cylinder to loosen, will be free fall test specimens. Drop height can be adjusted up and down with altitude scale, can be learned that the specimen drop height. Battery drop testing machine adopts PLC man-machine interface control method, adjust the height of the test, PASO encoder 300 ~ 1500 mm can adjust freely intelligence. Key components are Japan origin of reliable performance, a variety of drop floor to choose, can meet different test standard. For box type structure, with explosion-proof performance, USES the remote control, secondary testers safety effectively. Dear customer: our company is specialized in the production of battery safety testing equipment for 12 years, products have needle-punching machine, extrusion machine, battery cell combustion spray tester, battery thermal shock ( Thermal abuse) Testing machine, etc. Equipment, species diversity, complete specifications, at the same time, accept custom products, high-end custom is also acceptable. You can seek advice from the web page by calling our hotline, know more product details, timely and efficient service is our forever pursuit, customer trust and support is the cornerstone of our growth, thank you for your support and trust!
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