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First use of drying oven must pay attention to the problem

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-15
In drying chamber was used for the first time when we need to pay attention to what problem, can be operated for a first-time or users of this equipment is not very understanding, under Tony instrument to introduce below: 1, the need to pay attention to the supply voltage can be used before use. When using, it is necessary to stop earthed power socket grounding line according to the rules. 2, the power cord is winding on the metal, is set in the center of the low temperature or damp, avoid rubber aging cause leakage. 3, placed inside the oven items don't squeeze, must set aside the space of natural convection atmosphere, make moist atmosphere can escape deceleration on top of the wind. 4, in the absence of explosion-proof installed inside the drying chamber, please do not put flammable items. 5, when used in electricity, do not use hand touch drying box on the left side of the space of electrical partial or wipe with wet cloth and flush, inspection shall be cut off the power supply. 6, silver should be current reflection temperature control device can contact or between uneven, if yes, usable fine gauze will contact after sand flat, again use, and should often wipe with a clean cloth, make good contact. For metal pipes do not impact on the indoor temperature control lest affect flexibility. 7, after each use, must be local cut off the power supply, often insist on interior and exterior clean drying oven. That is the first time to use oven manual for your reference, so as not to use process into a failure. Instrument co. , LTD is located in the songshan lake high-tech industrial park, the most innovative features huazhong university of science and technology mechanical nc manufacturing engineering research and software research and development core team, professional production and research and development of all kinds of furniture testing instruments, toys, textile testing instrument testing instruments and general testing instrument. You are welcome to inquire.
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